Satanic Video On DVD From
Purging Talon...
Satanic Film and Video Resources
Feral House - Seller of the Death Scenes trilogy and Speak of the Devil.
Hellywood - Bill M's IMDB-resourced webpage of the CoS Video List.
Purging Talon DVDs - The next generation of Satanic video.
Stigmata Press - Publications covering horror, exploitation, hardcore, and more.
General Film and Video Resources
DVD Easter Eggs - Find hidden content on your DVDs through this source.
Fast-Rewind - The definitive retro '80s movie site.
The Internet Movie Database - Earth's Biggest Movie Database!
Movie Mistakes - Documented errors for over 4000 films and TV shows. - Theater releases, home video releases, tickets, showtimes, etc.
The MovieWavs Page - Movie sound samples on WAV and mp3.
Upcoming Horror Movies - Movies, reviews, trailers, and more.
Useless Movie Quotes - More than 2600 quotes from over 220 movies.
Video Detective - The Most Comprehensive Movie Trailer Archive.
Filmmaking and Videomaking Resources
2-Pop - The Digital Filmmaker's Resource Site.
A/V Video Multimedia Producer - Online source for magazine of same title. - Camcorder reviews, articles on production, and more.
Digital Video Editing - Video Editing Resource Center. - Online source for DV Magazine.
DVD Studio Pro discussion board - Hosted by Apple.
Final Cut Pro discussion board - Hosted by Apple.
Final Cut Pro Planet - The Worldwide Final Cut Pro User's Group.
Industry Central - The Motion Picture and TV Industry Professional's First Stop.
Videomaker - Online source for Videomaker magazine.
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